LOONA 'Paint The Town' Music Video

LOONA made a splendid comeback on 28th June with their fourth mini-album ‘&’ and the music video for the title track ‘Paint The Town’! Fans all around the world showered the group with love and support for their newest project.

It’s a matter of immense pride for Indian Orbits (LOONA fans) who achieved a tremendous feat. The music video has amassed 19 million views by far and Indian fans are accountable for 2.73 million views (at the time of writing) making them the top streamers for the music video! ‘Paint The Town’ is also includes elements of Bollywood music with dense instrumentation, even featuring the playing flute in the melody.


With a growing fanbase, LOONA continues to shine! It’s even more delightful to see Indian fans appreciate and welcome their music. Hopefully, the hard work of Indian fans pays off and they get to visit our land soon!

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