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The catastrophic condition in India during the second wave resulted in the stepping-in of many countries towards extending medical aid. The Republic of Korea sent not one but two airplanes with supplies full of oxygen cylinders, rapid testing kits, and other medical amenities.

Lord Buddha's Statue
All Image Credits: ICCR

To extend our warm regards and sincere gratitude for helping out in the dire need of the hour, India gifted a statue of Lord Buddha to the people of Korea! The enshrining ceremony of this statue of Lord Buddha took place on 16th May 2021 at Tongdo-sa Temple, Yangsan, South Korea.

Lord Buddha Statue Enshrining Ceremony

“The statue gifted by India is a step to further strengthen the Indo-RoK cultural ties & spread Buddha’s teachings of the ‘Three Universal Truths’, the ‘Four Noble Truths’ & the ‘Eight Fold Path’ in all directions.” – ICCR’s message on this occasion

The statue is the embodiment of India’s age-old relationship and the demographic reflection of the steadfast cultural links between the two nations. There is nothing more beautiful than tracing to the roots while impinging to cultural similarities. India’s motive to thank Korea with such a belief is what makes the occasion quintessential!


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