India as top Streamer for Mamamoo Hwasa's YouTube and Spotify

As the member of one of the biggest and popular K-pop girl groups, Mamamoo’s Hwasa has a huge fanbase. And with the release of several collaboration singles like ‘Hula Hoops‘ and ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me‘, her fans are doing everything to hype her up. But this time, Indian Moomoos in particular have been going all out.


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Fans were excited over Hwasa‘s solo ventures as she also opened a YouTube channel and released her version of ‘Dingga‘ on it on her birthday. It has now been revealed that for the month of July, India is the #1 YouTube streamer with 1.5 million views. Along with that India is also her top Spotify monthly listener with 128k streams for the month of July.

Congratulations to Indian Moomoos for such a huge achievement. We hope that with such activity we can get the group and their agency to notice us. Who knows, it could also lead to them adding India as a destination for Mamamoo’s world tour.

Have you been keeping up with Hwasa’s solo projects? Have you seen her version of ‘Dingga’? Were you excited to find out that Indian Moomoos have been contributing vastly to support the idol? Let us know in the comments below?

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