Big Hit Labels recently posted a video on their YouTube channel called Big Hit Corporate Briefing with the Community, basically explaining the company’s past landmarks and strategy for the next few years.


In one of the segments, they spoke about BTS’ hit show called Learn! KOREAN with BTS which aims at teaching international fans the language of their K-Pop idols on Big Hit’s app Weverse. While listing out the countries who viewed the series, Indian ARMYs were thrilled to hear that India was a part of the list!

Along with India, they also mentioned the U.S., Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan as the countries that tuned in to Learn! KOREAN with BTS, with the greatest numbers. There were reportedly around 2.19 million people from across the globe that viewed the episodes a collective 4.3 million times.


It is always a monumental moment when BTS (or in this case, Big Hit) notices desi stans and acknowledges the large fanbase that we have. ARMYs, let’s continue supporting BTS and hope for more such special mentions in the future!