TWICE Alcohol-Free Music Video Views

As one of the most popular K-pop girl groups, TWICE has a major global fanbase that has shown their support for the girls’ latest comeback, ‘Alcohol-Free.’ And this time, Indian Onces can boast their achievements side by side.

Along with helping TWICE chart at #1 on Indian iTunes, the Indian fanbase has massively contributed to the music video’s views. With 76 million views at the moment and counting, Indian YouTube is responsible for 15.1 million of the views. This makes India #2 when it comes to the top streamers, with Japanese Onces at the lead.

Congratulations to Indian Onces for such a huge achievement! With our fingers crossed, we hope that JYPE finally notices us. Who knows, this could lead to TWICE finally adding India as a destination for their world tour.

What do you think about this comeback? Did you like the music video? Let us know.