With 3.58 million subscribers and frequent behind the scenes videos, legendary music and excerpts from the creative mind that is Jackson Wang’s life, it is no surprise that the Singer-CEO is building quite the audience on his YouTube channel.

Among the millions of subscribers and views, one nation has been binge-watching Jackson’s videos like none other- India.

@ChartsJackson, a fan page dedicated to keeping meticulous track of Jackson’s presence on global charts revealed that the largest number of consumers who view Jackson’s YouTube channel geographically belong to India.

That’s right, Jackson’s largest YouTube consumers are Indian fans, followed by the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Indian ‘Jackys’ were elated to know this statistic and stormed the tweet’s comments with their excitement and are requesting “Pretty Please” for Jackson to visit India soon. The GOT7 member has often acknowledged his Indian fans, his love for the nation and has always given warm greetings for them.

Jackson has been hard at work, documenting his tedious creative process, work and life as a pop star on social media, pulling his fans closer to the person that he is and the way of life which he leads. The chart and his viewership is testimony to the love, support and gratitude his fans give him in return, joining him along his varied journeys.

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