Fanbases of GOT7 from around the world have banded together for the project “Better Treatment For GOT7”.

Ahgases have collected funds to send a truck to the JYP Entertainment building, starting the protest on 6th July that has been playing a video highlighting the fans’ concerns. According to IGOT7, they have been voicing their concerns for years through emails, hashtag projects, tweeting directly to the staff, but have been so far unheard. Fans believe that GOT7 does not get fair treatment and is overlooked by their staff when it comes to their music, comeback promotions, safety and other work opportunities.


Global fans raised enough money in less than 24Hrs for the truck. In addition to this, fans are also taking over SNS with different hashtags each day in order to draw attention to the problems. #FairTreatmentForGOT7 was seen trending in India as well, which is no shock as we have reported from time to time how strong the GOT7 fandom is in India!


Here’s what the admin of @indian.ahgase had to say:

“We’ve tried every possible way to highlight our concerns but have been always ignored. The truck project had actually been kept a surprise and put in action without any prior announcement, we didn’t want to take the risk of alerting the JYP management. We opened the pool for about 6 hours and within that more than 10,000 rupees were collected and transferred to the main pool by us later. This was the financial contribution of Indian Ahgases to the truck project.”


Here’s more light on the matter:





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[link to the vlive in our bio] Also if anyone wants to contribute the subtitle please do so.. or if you know anyone who can help with the Subtitle do tag under💚 • • • • • • Also I would like to give the news to y’all that #FairTreatmentForGOT7 has reached more than 1.2Million Tweets and is the most tweeted Hashtags of the last 24 hours 💚 • • • • • • Lastly we would like to thank @starry_yg angel for recording the live and saving the video that we would have lost forever 💚 • • • • • • #FairTreatmentForGOT7 #제왑_본부별편차줄이자 #JYPE_GOT7DeserveFairTreatment #제왑_본부별로너무달라 #BETTERTREATMENTFORGOT7 #GOT7 #jaebum #jaebeom #marktuan #JacksonWang #parkjinyoung #choiyoungjae #bambama1 #kimyugyeom #got7love #got7igot7 #igot7❤️🐥 #igot7lovegot7💚 #igot7forever #ahgaseforever #ahgases #ahgase #ahgasegot7 #jb #Mark #Jackson #Jinyoung #youngjae #bambam #Yugyeom

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