BTS Indian ARMYs

BTS’ latest single ‘Butter’ shook the world by breaking multiple records as soon as it hit the music market. The addictive and groovy beats of buttery goodness melted all ARMYs’ hearts and souls. As RM sings in the song “Got ARMY right behind us when we say so”, ARMYs all around the globe answered the call by helping BTS break records. On the 1st day itself, Butter broke many records like the biggest YouTube premiere record and the fastest MV to reach 100 million views. It also won certified ‘PAK’ or ‘Perfect All-Kill’ on iCHARTs by charting at #1 on Melon, Genie, FLO, VIBE, and Bugs charts.

As always, ARMYs in each country wanted to shower their love on BTS and attract their attention. This time around, however, Indian ARMYS took the lead as they showed off their determination and sincere dedication by gaining the position for the highest streaming country on various platforms like YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, etc. since the day of release. They also still continue on with this mission, hoping to help BTS break even more records and recreate history.

On the day of the release, Indian ARMYs started streaming the song and rapidly came into the top 10 streaming countries. They kept up their morale with the mission to support BTS in their hearts and soon saw India surpassing other countries and capturing 1st place!

India solely contributed over 12.6 M views on YouTube while giving 1.1M streams on Spotify (at the time of writing). It also became one of the celebrated countries that charted at #1 on iTunes. Indian ARMYs’ hard work hence seems to have paid off; even more so, now that BTS have left them an encouraging message in a recent interview with PTI.


Moreover, Indian ARMYs are also rejoicing over BTS bagging 4 awards in the categories – Top Social Artist, Top Duo/Group, Song Sales Artist, and Top Selling Song (Dynamite) and also being presented by the Indian-American‘Top Chef’ Padma Lakshmi at BBMAs yesterday by trending hashtags all over the internet! Hashtags like BTS, CONGRATULATIONS KINGS, Tops Song Sales Artist, Top Duo Top Social Artist, BTS PAVED THE WAY, etc. were some of the most trended ones.

BTS had performed Butter for the first time here and had totally intoxicated their fans with their moves and their looks further, if they have already not done enough with their MV and concept photos.


After the grind to break records, Desi ARMYs along with other ARMYs across the globe are now also coming together to vibe on to this summer bop and other favorite tracks of the septet by engaging in the week-long Butter Global Joining Party hosted by BTS, which just started on 22nd May 2021.

BTS furthermore has announced through Weverse that they are going to hold ‘MUSTER’ 2021 to celebrate the 8thanniversary of their debut. This year’s event theme is going to be ‘SOWOOZOO’ (meaning Mikrokosmos) and will be streamed online on June 13 and 14 at 6:30 p.m. KST. There will be a World Tour version on June 14 in which they plan to perform their foreign hits. HYBE also mentioned that there may be a physical audience besides the online streaming platform if the COVID-19 restrictions permit it at that time.


Since last year, it has been a hard time for everyone, thus hearing so many exciting news and listening to cheerful and vibrant music served by their favorite idols is definitely a great solace for all fans. Conveying their appreciation in such a beautiful display of love, Indian ARMYs astound us by showing their growing power and proving that they in turn have got BTS’ backs no matter what!

Get it! Let it Roll!



BTS’ newly released ‘Butter (Hotter Remix)’ has also made it to the #1 spot on iTunes India and is holding down 3 of the top 7 spots alongside the original and instrumentals versions of Butter.

We couldn’t be more proud of BTS as they are achieving greater heights every day with ARMYs by their side. What more records do you think ARMYs and BTS will break? Don’t you think seeing India taking the lead is very exciting? Spill your thoughts in the comments.