Indian ARMYs Dedicate A Sand Sculpture To BTS' Taehyung For His Upcoming Birthday

As an early birthday present for the world-renowned BTS member, Kim Taehyung, Indian ARMYs have yet again gone all out in their efforts to effectuate the first-of-its-kind project for any K-Pop Idol ever!

In honor of the idol’s upcoming birthday, the Taehyung Fanbase in India has dedicated a beautiful Sand Sculpture built on the banks of River Baitrani in Odisha, congratulating him on the joyful event.


We already did 3 donation projects  & wanted to do an artistic one for Taehyung next. So, we thought a sand sculpture dedication would be unique yet very Indian. – @Taehyung_india_


The sand art form features the idol’s handsome portrait from Life Goes On and a message saying, “Happy Birthday Taehyung♥, Indian ARMY Loves You” as it stands out amongst the beautiful natural landscape at Sunakhamb, Baitrani River. It has been sculpted with great mastery and determination by an emerging sand artist, Dasarath Mohanta who worked through the cold winter night to construct this paragon piece.


Indian ARMYs Dedicate A Sand Sculpture To BTS' Taehyung For His Upcoming Birthday



The location of the artwork on the “shore” of the river has also been chosen by the Indian ARMYs consciously as it resonated with Taehyung’s track, Scenery and brought the lyrics of the OST track, Sweet Night: One day I’d wake up feeling more/ But I had already reached the shore” to life; the commissioned artwork metaphorically bringing Taehyung to the shore.



With this first-of-its-kind artistic project carried out by the Taehyung Fanbase in India, we can already see the great love and influence that is shared between the idol and his Indian fans who strive to always walk in the footsteps of their idol and promote love and art worldwide.


Spill your thoughts on this unique project and drop-in your early birthday wishes for Taehyung in the comments.