When BTS announced the release of their fourth theatrical film, Break The Silence which documents their grandiose “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” concert tour from the Wembley Stadium to the Rose Bowl, fans were elated.


Release in India & Precautions

The movie documents the 9-month-long world tour with 8 legs featuring 42 shows in total. This was especially exulting for fans who were unable to attend concerts due to many physical and situational constraints. With an unexpected pandemic further ruining future concert prospects for ARMYs worldwide, this movie comes as the healing bandage everyone needed. 

Much to the joy of Indian ARMYs, India was one of the initial 40 countries where the release was announced. 



However, the world as we know it has changed since the pandemic and with it, congregational experiences like concert movies, fan projects and just moviegoing experiences for that matter. In India, for precautionary purposes, the movie was only released in select theatres in select states which had a controlled number of positive cases.


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DESIMYs’ Experience

To know more about the movie experience in the new normal, we spoke to a few fans who had the opportunity to attend the screenings.

In conversation with @kpop_manipal, who attended the screening at INOX Manipal, we first enquired about the safety measures in place.
“There were the usual measures, face masks were compulsory, hand sanitizer, temperature check, every other seat was closed like a chessboard pattern. They had special dustbins for disposing of masks too.”

How was this new experience different from your previous concert movie experiences?

“We didn’t do anything special this time, keeping the pandemic in mind. Like usually we have either some banners, photo cards, or something of the sort. Last time we had a random dance game in the theatre. We didn’t do any of that this time.”

How was the movie experience?

“The movie was really fun, the boys talked about their personas on and off stage, and how they all treat them differently. It was very inspiring. And of course, there were lots of funny moments too! All the ARMYs were very excited of course, after the movie we took a few pics and videos. It’s always fun to meet other fans lol, even if we don’t know each other we have a blast”

Indeed, how wholesome! How would you sum up the entire arrangement and appeals for the movie in this new normal?

“I’d say even though the pandemic makes it difficult to do such things nowadays, it was handled very well by the theatre and everything was taken care of. And especially after being cooped up inside for months on end, it was a much-needed breath of fresh air, seeing the boys and meeting fellow fans.”


From a unique point of view, we also spoke to a new ARMY, Shamitha R about her experience.

Can you tell us which location you went to? And what were the safety procedures followed there?

“We went to Mangalore City Center Mall in Karnataka. The social distance was maintained, our hands were sanitized before entering the mall and also before entering the theatre and we were made to sit in alternate seats.”

Were there any fan events/projects?

“We had our own local group meet. We had people selling posters. We had a lot of fun during the movie, we shouted and danced. But there was no specific fan event which was planned”


Encapsulating her wonderful experience, Shamitha adds,

“Armys are really like a family and BTS are the bridge which makes us stick together. This was an awesome first-time experience and I’m already waiting for the next movie! Although we didn’t know anyone or met anyone before, we felt connected, and we all vibed together, It was like BTS was the main thing which held us together, as a pillar!”


Check out the official Break The Silence movie website for more!