It’s been 5 years since the six boys with an incredible spectrum of talent united as ‘ASTRO’ under Fantagio. In these 5 years, the group, with little to nothing to their name, have managed to forge a career path unknown to most commercialised groups.

From dramas, subunits, variety shows, music, etc the boys of Astro have made their mark in every sector of the Korean Entertainment industry and beyond.

To celebrate this legacy of their idols, Indian Arohas decided to bask them in their love, warmth, gratitude and appreciation, all wrapped up in a beautiful Twitter thread.


We spoke to @ArohaIndia about the project, 

“On 23rd February 2021, it was 5th Anniversary of Astro and Indian Arohas celebrated it by sharing their love and feelings for Astro through handwritten and digital letters, poems and even made Fanarts for their beloved ASTRO. They wrote in the letters how Astro inspired and their songs heal them, make them feel relaxed, calm and comfortable.

                                    Source: @ArohaIndia

“ They wrote poems for them too…and how it’s the dream of all Indian Arohas that someday Astro could come to India and they all could be part of that purple ocean. They even prepared a special video for their fifth anniversary showing their creativity and journey of Astro in the last 5 years too.”


Dear Arohas, From personal experience, we recommend keeping some tissues around before clicking through the thread. 

The thread features beautiful letters, fanarts, tear-jerking poems, handwritten Hindi and English songs dedicated to the boys, fan edit videos and so much more!


A huge shoutout to Indian Arohas for this wholesome project! We know that the boys will have the widest smile on their faces when they come across it, knowing that their fans are brimming with support and love.


What are your favourite Astro moments and songs? Let us know in the comments!