With attractive creatives, the BP fanbases Nagalandkpoppers, NagalandBlink and Blackpink.India have been working hard one month prior to make the event successful. “For the success of this project the Admins of the clubs put their heads together to make teasers for our SNS and flyers to reach out to desi people, particularly school, colleges and young souls to make sure that all kpopers who don’t know of our group’s existence to be aware of our project” says Ken Admin of NagalandBlink.

The event was organized in two cities of Nagaland, Dimapur and Kohima.


Dimapur Blinks


Kohima Blinks


In Dimapur not only did the fans gather in good number for performances and games but they also marched for the relief project and distributed refreshments for the needy people. In Kohima the meet and greet included anniversary cake cutting, mass screaming of ‘Kill this love’ MV and also had a lucky draw!





The event came to a successful end with an LED display of BLACKPINK MV and images for 24 hours. They also saw a public dance performance by PinkBullets on the street dancing to BP hit songs ‘Kill this love’ and ‘Whistle’.




This is what Ken had to say on their aim and response of the event:

“Our main aim of events is to bring all kpopers in Nagaland as one, be it whoever they stan, to popularise the love of Kpop & to bring out the talents in every fan as well. Bring hallyu wave closer to our state.

BlackPink’s 3rd year anniversary was the first-ever project held in Nagaland to promote BP’s achievements.
The response we received was amazing. The teamwork from the organizers, the love and support from the fans financially and physically was an outstanding gesture we received. Truly a wonderful experience and we’ll love to do more to build K-Pop nation in Nagaland, this is just the beginning! The incredible Dancers PinkBullets and StrayGirls were the highlights of our event. Their street performance in the main town was a marking point in the history of Nagaland K-Pop.

Our happiness reached its high when we reached out to help the needy people by giving them snacks and drinks. And not forgetting the amazing Blinks participation and the close bond was really on another level!”




The Blackpink fandom Blinks is growing stronger every day in India, fans also trended the hashtag on Twitter in order to celebrate the 3-year mark.