Blackpink has gained many fans through their music, dance, and definitely their charming selves. It is safe to say they are one of the most celebrated K-Pop artists in the world and their fans (BLINKs) show their love and support through various projects. Recently, the news broke out that Jisoo has been signed for her first K-Drama Snowdrop. Ever since the news broke out fans have taken over the internet to laud their lovely Jisoo on her new voyage.

Indian BLINKs @blackpink.india wanted to send Kim Ji-soo flowers to elate her spirit on her new expedition. Their motive is intimate and positive. The team at @blackpink.india even sent a cute little letter filled with warmth, that read “We wish you all the best for your drama ‘Snowdrop’ as well as your future. With love from Indian BLINKs.”

Along with the bouquet of beautiful flowers, they also sent a puzzle, for which they shared “With the bouquet, we decided to also send another small gift, as Pikachu is one of her favorite characters we decided to send her a Pikachu puzzle along as well!”.

They further added that this is the first ever gift they sent for Jisoo, but seriously how cute can a present get than this.


Snowdrop(설강화) is set to release in 2021 it is to air on JTBC and casts Kim Ji-soo, Jung Hae-in, Kim Hye-yoon, and many more amazing artists. We wish Jisoo smooth and amazing fruits on her new walk of life.


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