Over the past few days, the state of Assam has seen devastating flooding of the Brahmaputra river. The floods have affected over 45 lakh people.

‘BTS Army North-East India’ and ‘BTSARMYhelpsIndia’   organized a fundraiser to help the people that have been affected. They wrote on the fundraising site:

‘Assam is in a dire state and it needs our help. The Indian media has given it nothing to no exposure, leaving the state to fend for itself without much help from anyone.

Today we’re here to ask for help and just help spread the information around. If you can’t help financially, any kind of help will be appreciated.’

Yesterday I requested the BTS fans of India to come forward and help us for Assam flood on Twitter. Immediately they…

Posted by Bhavana Barman on Thursday, 16 July 2020

Bhavna wrote on Facebook about her request to the Bangtan ARMY and how they responded immediately and effectively.




Fans show their pride for the campaign.

The initial goal for the fundraiser was Rs. 5 lakhs and the fandom has achieved it with people donating from across the country and even some internationally within 24 hours! Since then they have opened another fundraiser for the people of Assam, please donate here if you can.

Along with this fundraiser, more fans have also contributed.