Indian Community In Korea

Indian Community in Korea joins hands to come together in the time of need. Indians in Korea (IIK) launched a fundraiser to help the people back home. The fundraising started on May 7 and in just two days the amount procured was nearly 20 million won (Rupees 14 Lakhs).

This amount was in turn used to buy oxygen cylinders, but the struggle was not over. After using the entire amount they ran out of clearance paperwork fee (nearly Rupees 58000-74000) in order to successfully transport the cylinders back home.

Air India helped in the transportation of the cylinders and the Indian Embassy took charge of clearing the associated paperwork. On May 31st the airplane landed in New Delhi. Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) is said to be responsible for the distribution of the cylinders in India. It is indeed a moment of pride as Indians from all corners of Korea came together to fund the campaign.

Every minutia of the effort counts, this belief allowed us the massive aid from the distant Indians empathizing with us from Korea. Indian citizens couldn’t be more grateful.


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