Enhypen Engene India

Isn’t the title alone, the biggest reason to continue reading this news? As a part KPop/KHipHop/KR&B fandom, the dream of being able to speak to your favourite idols is like ecstasy. Well, it’s no surprise that one of us gets lucky with a video call. Enhypen addressing a cute Namaste with both hands to the fan is like a heart throbbing moment for all the Engenes’ in India.

About The Show

An Indian Engene appeared on the show After School Club; the show’s format has fan questions directly addressed by the fans themselves on Google Hangout. Enhypen happened to be the guest on the show and the fan question put up by the Indian Engene was “What would your perfect day be?”.

To which Jay replied: “I think the perfect day for us will be with Engenes”. Jay’s sexy eyebrow smirk was like hot chocolate on brownie cake, to which even the Indian Engene couldn’t resist blushing.

Excited by the news? After School Club can even get you lucky someday, Keep Trying!