Be it in jamming to BTS’s viral synced video of the 90’s iconic hit “Chunari Chunari” or going tizzy over Indian Filmmaker Karan Johar’s selfie with K-pop sensation Kai on Gucci’s SS19 show in Paris ,Indian K-pop fans love to revel in these buzzworthy Bollywood x K-pop crossovers. 

Ever since then, they have set their hawk eyes on such “K-pop meets Bollywood” affairs, but little did they know they will be hitting the bullseye twice on another Desi moment featuring Kai!

On 16th March, Kai of EXO fame, turned on his Instagram live and Desi fans were quick to notice comments from Bollywood’s famed actor Tiger Shroff, who is predominantly admired for his expert dancing skills. Connected by string of passionate love for dancing, the Indian actor left encouraging messages tinted with his fanboy affection for EXO’s ace dancer Kai aka Kim Jongin on his Instagram Live. 

Starting off with an affectionate line, the actor phrased :

“Kai your amaZing man!”

Credits: TeamExoIndia on Twitter

Following it, Indian EXOL’s expressed their desire to see a collaboration between the two and some even exclaimed delightfully on having discovered another Desi Celebrity EXOL! The actor took the chance to revert back to such endearing messages with :

“Thanks guys! Wish i could dance like kai though”

Credits: TeamExoIndia

Ever since this lovely Kai x Tiger Shroff interaction took place, Desi EXOL’s have been flooding the Bird’s app with their warm regards for both the actor and EXO’s Kai.

Adding to the glory, is the fact that Kai was trending at #14 on Twitter India trends with the keyword ‘jongin’.

Credits: TeamExoIndia

However, this is not the first time that the Indian actor has been caught fanboying over the K-pop singer! Previously, the actor had uploaded an Instagram Story on December 29,2020 where he is seen jogging with Kai’s : Ride or Die(from solo debut album ‘K开I’) track tuning behind in the background.

Credits: Instagram

The excitement doesn’t stop right there as we saw him yet again on January 21,2021 sharing a video of Kai dancing to ‘Mmmh’  with cute emojis as a caption.

Credits: Instagram

The pleasure of seeing this interaction was not just limited to Desi EXOL’s but rather was a win-win situation for all Desi K-Pop lovers.

Were you among the Desi fans who trended ‘jongin’ on Twitter? Share with us your feelings on seeing this Indian celebrities like Tiger Shroff recognizing the K-pop talent in Kai!