On the twentieth day in the month of October, a very special event had taken place in two of the major metropolitan cities of ours, Mumbai and Delhi. This event was filled with reminiscences of the days spent loving nine gorgeous queens of the Kpop Industry and of promises to forever love and support them.


Planned on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the chart-topping girl group, TWICE, this event was set up as a meet where the attendees of the event would be the backbone of the girl group, their fans – the ONCEs.


The preparations started for this grand celebration after finalizing these two cities to be the event holders; the decision of which was taken after analyzing the overwhelming responses of the desi Indian ONCEs who voted for the event to take place in their respective cities.



With the excitement soaring high, the day’s event in the two different cities unfolded in the following manner:




With decorations according to the tag of “ TWICE4EVER”, TWICE Title tracks Stage mix playing in the background and displays of their performances on the screen.



The event was divided into 5 stages by the organizers:-


  1. The Stage Screenings- where the fan-chants and screams of delights of the ONCEs rang enthusiastically all around the cafe.


  1. Quiz on the past 4 years of TWICE as a group-Ranging from questions based on their achievements to variety show appearances to TEPL (TWICE Elegant Private Life) and Twice TV.

The joyous winners of the quiz were two dedicated fanboys, Mahesh and Umar who had their facts down to a T when it came to TWICE.


  1. Random Dance Play-Jamming to TWICE alone in a room is fun enough but this event had all the shy ONCEs dancing to their idols’ tracks, ‘Dance the Night Away’, ‘Fancy’ and of course, the all-time favourite ‘TT’ 😉



  1. Games-There were two main games played which were based on the games played by idols on different variety shows.


First was, ‘Guess the Phrase’ where one member of the group acts out a certain phrase and the others have to guess it in record time. The other was named as ‘Flip the Cup Tic Tac Toe’ where you flip a cup and with only the flipped cup you play X and O. Green tea is green phrases used in the former game were the infamous Twice anecdotes used inside the fandom like:



Pink Lamborghini

Michael Jackson Sunbaenim

No Sana, no life



Winners of Guess the phrase: Team Ashu, Akshay and Jagruti who even enacted the group’s members to win.



Winners of Flip the cup Tic Tac Toe: Team Ashu, Akshay, Samyak, Mahesh and Yashitha who played the game with great reflex and wit.

Really fun Team game to play with reflex and wit

Other games included the ones that the attending ONCEs came up with like ‘Guess the Kpop song from the Emoji’ or ‘Guess the song from the choreography’ etc. which made the event even more thrilling and fun.


  1. Snacks, Gossip, etc.- With the games and dances coming to an end, it was time for the last part of the grand celebration- Food and Gossip because one can’t do without the other xD


While munching delicious snacks, the ONCEs that had once been strangers, united only by their love for TWICE, chatted away together as a real family does at the dinner table 🙂



As the event neared its end, another exciting surprise awaited the ONCEs. The organizers grateful for the support and love the attendees had shown for their event, gave their own fan-made Twice India Merchandise and chocolates that warmed up the hearts of all the ONCEs once again.




October 20, 2019 at KCCI started with the organizers running all around to make preparations for the greatest day of their’s and all of Delhi’s ONCEs’ lives. Since this was the ‘First-Ever Major Girl Group Event’ that was held in Delhi, they wanted it to be a memorable and perfect one even though they hadn’t expected the prodigious number of ONCEs that attended the event and made it a success!

The event proceeded more or less in the same fashion as the one in Mumbai with entertaining games, thrilling prizes, cheerful fans grooving to TWICE’s tracks, cake cutting and lots of merrymaking.





The two games played in the event had the ONCEs hyped up and vibrant throughout the duration of the event. These were the famous fandom games of “Guess the song in 3 Seconds” and “Guess the Member by one line”, where the 1st place holder was awarded with an invaluable ‘Official Poster from Twice’s 6th Mini Album ‘Yes or Yes’, the 2nd place holder with a ‘Custom Made A3 member poster’ and the 3rd place holder with a beautiful ‘Ot9 A3 Poster’.


The generous organizers also gave gorgeous Custom-made merchandise that each of the ONCEs were excited to get, saying they will cherish it all their lives for sure 😉




The main attraction of the entire event however, was the screening of TWICE’s ‘2nd Concert – Twiceland: Fantasy Park’ that riled up the ONCEs and made KCCI seem nothing short of being a concert stadium!




The day ended with ONCEs exchanging numbers, clicking selfies and photos together as an unanimous promise is made by all of them to each other and to TWICE to ‘Forever Be The ONCEs To Their TWICE’.



These two events hence are the ‘Harbingers’ of the upcoming events planned in Kolkata and Chennai for birthday celebrations of the 96 Liner member- Jeongyeon, Momo and Sana; with a possibility of an event in Bangalore in the near future as well.




Hence, with a bright outlook of what the future holds for the Indian ONCEs, the organizers expressed a deep desire to promote and make such events successful in 5 different cities by the year-end of 2k19, hailing it with anticipation as being possibly ‘The Biggest Achievement for ONCEs Ever Seen in India!


Writer: Ishika Rawat

All Images and Videos provided by TWICE Fandom India.