When Gauri (@kpopaddictade), a K-Pop aficionado saw that Lee Chan-Hyuk of her adored K-POP duo AKMU posted on Instagram after a long while, she left a cute and funny comment under the post and returned herself to the mundane life of online classes. After four hours of grueling classes, when she decided to take a break and check her phone, she was in for a pleasant shock! The kind of shock most of us could only dream of. Not just Chan, but even Lee Su-Hyun, the other half of the sibling duo had replied to her comments and Chan dropping two comments!



source: @kpopaddictade
Lee Chan-Hyuk’s replies!
source: @kpopaddictade Lee Soo-Hyun’s comment


The hit sibling duo is also known originally as “Akdong Musician” debuted with a few preliminary songs before winning SBS’ K-Pop Star 2- a Korean K-Pop talent hunt competition. They subsequently signed up with YG Entertainment and went on to make a feared brand out of themselves, garnering multiple Daesangs, Bonsangs and Songs of the Year.



“I was dumbstruck” Gauri adds, recalling her reaction to the notification. “It was really funny if you ask me,” she said, adding on about her idols’ witty comment’s section banter.


Both Chan and Su-Hyun have over 1 million and 2 million followers on Instagram respectively. 


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Speaking about her Hallyu journey, Gauri said that while she started listening to K Pop in 2017, she only started stanning in 2019. But AKMU is particularly nostalgic to her as she had loved them ever since the duo’s track “Dinosaur” appeared in her recommendations.

While wrapping up our conversation, Gauri had one message to give out to all the K-poppers and music enthusiasts,

“Well, Melted is a really cool song”, and we agree!


Quite the cheery news for us Indian Hallyu enthusiasts, AKMU fans!

We hope it is only a matter of time before we are noticed as a large consumer market and have concerts….Fingers crossed!