The Minoz Fandom from India has proved it time and time again that distance is never a barrier when it comes to expressing love and appreciation for their Oppa! ‘Lee Min Ho Lovers India’ has done everything; right from making encouraging videos to naming a star after the actor and even sending a coffee truck!


Source: Lee Min Ho Lovers India, Facebook Page.


So How Did They Manage to Send A Coffee Truck?


Minoz India wanted to do something special and massive for his comeback drama, post his military services. The fandom started collecting funds from the group members in the month of October and waited patiently for MYM (LeeMinHo’s agency) to release the schedule. 


There was a delay in the shoot schedule, but luckily they got their chance. With the help of a fan from South Korea, Minoz fandom India was able to get details of a coffee vendor, namely ‘Roco Coffee truck’. After speaking with them, the fandom organized banners and mailed them. 


Source: Roco Truck Instagram


We are proud to report that they served 180 cups to Lee Min Ho and the filming crew. The Coffee vendor even went the extra mile and sent the devoted fandom a picture of the drinks he whipped up for Lee Min Ho and his manager.

(To give you the details he had an Iced Latte!)



Source: Lee Min Ho Lovers India, Facebook Page.



Get To Know This Fandom – Lee Min Ho Lovers India


Rajita from Andhra Pradesh (India), started this fan club in 2011, the initial year when Kpop and Kdrama were just emerging in India. She created a fandom on Facebook called ‘Lee Min Ho Lovers India’, dedicated to his fans in India. The fan club keeps growing via its active Facebook page and communicates with each other on their WhatsApp group.


This is how Rajita managed to form a team and since then they have made it their point to support their beloved actor! It all started with small projects like…


Wishing him for this birthday with a video


Arranging a banner on behalf of the fandom at the press conference of his drama ‘Legend of the Blue sea’ 


In 2018, for Lee Min Ho’s 32nd birthday they curated Plantation Project 2018.


The fandom also made a video for his comeback from the military to show their immense support.


They even adopted a giant Panda as a gift from WWF!

Source: Lee Min Ho Lovers India, Facebook Page.


The Minoz India fandom doesn’t just stop there and works towards one of their biggest projects, which finally got them noticed by the actor and his agency. They gifted a star for LeeMinHo and named it as ‘LeeMinHo’!

Source: Lee Min Ho Lovers India, Facebook Page.


The certificate was sent to LeeMinHo’s agency and the support of this ambitious fandom was acknowledged. The acclaimed actor included Hindi quotes as well in his Promiz video. 

(Promiz is Lee Min Ho’s charity organization)


Source: Lee Min Ho Lovers India.


All their massive efforts have not gone in vain, as Actor Lee Min Ho, acknowledged the heartfelt gift from Minoz India and sent them his autograph. He signed it with a special message saying, ‘Always Be Happy’. Awww! Isn’t it just what we all need to hear?

Source: Lee Min Ho Lovers India.


This amazing fandom showed constant support by displaying Minoz India banners at his concerts.. sending letters to him and doing much more!