K-pop concerts in India is no more a dream but a reality that to a successful one! With new companies stepping up like NAMAS-K, Kiwa India and veteran ones like Pink Box Entertainment the buzz of who can come next is on fire!

From companies, to middle management to fans everyone is trying to acquire figures conduct surveys to gauge the scene currently and for which groups do the Indian fans have the hots for.

KARD is one name that has been cropping up from time to time ever since their debut the group is a true testimony of turning people to multi fan, no matter who your bias is you’ll see them grooving to ohnana and wildin’ all day. Let’s look at the campaign HiddenKARDIndia (the first fanbase for KARD in India) did the trend party on twitter #KARDinINDIA, where hiddens joined together tweeting trying to trend the hashtag!


In the 2 day campaign their were around 3k-4k tweets per day and also trending very briefly. Ever since then Hiddens still use the #KARDinINDIA in their tweets in the hope that DSP will acknowledge!



Another Group that has swiped major hearts is Stray Kids. The group that only debuted last year has made a huge significance in the Indian market. From multiple WhatsApp groups to fan accounts and now charting India in top 5 in digital voting, let’s just say Indian stays are here to stay!


The love is reciprocal, both Stray Kids and KARD have acknowledged and are aware of their Desi fandoms.

Stray Kids talking about visiting and performing in India:




Here’s a thread of KARD singing a bollywood song and talking about Indian fans:



Skip to 18:00 to see an Indian fan Shreedhi’s video message to Stray Kids:


We also conducted a one day survey just to see the anticipation and had specifically asked for names other than BTS/GOT7/EXO and suggestions of KARD and Stray Kids kept tumbling on us, we also got numerous texts and DMs from fans showing their love and how much they want these two concerts to happen! What really amazed our team is that these fans didn’t just text but gave us substantial proofs of links and chart showcasing how these two groups are possible in India keeping all factors in mind. Desi fans have dealt for so long with the adversities that they have become educated in the workings of concerts and have hence become methodical in their stan approach!



Other popular suggestions were ATEEZ, A.C.E, CLC, iKON, GIDLE, ASTRO, WEKI MEKI and Dreamcatcher to name a few. Now the ball’s in the organisers and agencies court.