BLACKPINK has finally comeback with the track “How You Like That”. The music video offers vibrant colors, costumes and cultural imagery (like Arabian & Indian).


One can see Lord Ganesha’s statue placed in a what seems to be an Arabian market with bgm tune to ‘match’ it. This has started a conversation amongst the Indian fans and resulted in #YGApologise & #BLACKPINKApologise.


There are also threads by fans to explain and educate others on why it is wrong & why they’re hurt:


The use of the deity’s statue seems to have no artistic significance to the song or to the theme of the MV. It displays prop like behaviour.
Companies/Artists/Creators involved in the making of ignorant symbolisms need to do better. Someone’s culture, someone’s Deity is not a prop. This is an insensitive, disrespectful & highly ignorant act that should not be passed on blindly. We urge the company to address, acknowledge their mistake & learn! (YG Entertainment)

We urge fans to NOT be disrespectful towards anyone while expressing their opinion and please share ways we can bring this change.