Once again, the Indian K-Pop community has managed to save a life!

Indian iKONICs have successfully pulled off a noble feat by raising immediate funds for a child suffering from Leukemia and in need of urgent attention as part of the members’ birthday project.

We spoke to @ikon_india about the project:

“Jotibash is a differently-abled child from Manipur who is suffering from leukemia. The family was struggling financially for his treatment so Indian iKONICs came together to help the family by donating whatever we can”

Jotibash, the child battling Leukaemia

Source: @ikon_india

Indian iKONICs came across a Facebook post where the child’s family had put out an urgent call for help. Seeing that their Idols Chanwoo, Donghyuk, and Bobby shared their birthdays in close proximity, they decided to direct the proceeds from one mega birthday project for the three towards helping the child.

Post by Jotibash’s family requesting immediate help

Source: @ikon_india

Fans were quick with their response and soon a considerable amount was amassed which was donated under the names of iKON members Bobby, Donghyuk, and Chanwoo. Indian iKONICs visited the child at the hospital in Manipur carrying the aid along with the prayers of millions of fans and ultimately directing the blessings from their goodwill to their idols.

Indian iKONICs  handing over the aid to Jotibash’s family

Source: @ikon_india

What better way to celebrate life than by saving a life! Kudos to Indian iKONICs for pulling off something so benevolent in the name of their beloved idols!


Do fill the comments section with your words of encouragement, good wishes and thoughts for the child, fans and the idols!