Dancing to the poppy, bright tunes of BTS’ recent and probably their biggest hit overseas till yet, DYNAMITE, the Indian K-Coverists from all over our country paid homage to this iconic track in one of the biggest dance collaborations of this year!


33 extremely talented K-Coverists shot their cover of Dynamite and sent it to the girl who made it all happen, @im_annu__ who had opened a spot-selection for the track online fueled by passion and excitement for the idea of making such a huge, dream collaboration happen.


When asked about how she came up with an idea for such a wonderful tribute to our Bangtan Boys, Annu said,

“I was really stressed out because of my studies and other things and went to listen to some music. When I was listening to Dynamite playing by BTS, I thought that I should make a group project (collab) by K-Coverists from all over India, dedicated to BTS :)”

She also thanked BTS and the other K-Coverists saying,

“I then opened a spot selection on Instagram and yeah, we are here, we made it happen! Thank you to all the members that supported me and to BTS WHO ALWAYS INSPIRE ME!”


Check out the collaboration below and shower some love and support on these young and talented fellow K-Poppers and Cover Artists 🙂


P.S. Another such great collaboration, this time of song covers is in the planning stage for BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback for which short auditions for the spots are being held by @kcoverists_india, so send your audition clips to them and stay tuned for this upcoming delight!


Surprised and happy to see such a beautiful tribute to BTS?
Proud of the talented participants that took part in this project?
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