Growing up amidst the hustle and bustle of the cities and its ever-growing fast culture with skyscrapers meeting the blues, we miss the flora and fauna. Despite growing up studying in the Environmental Science lecture that Trees are our best friends, somewhere we still need to pause and wonder if we are taking real care of our best friends?
Reading in the newspapers how climate change has adversely affected our living compared to those of our ancestors we at times ask ourselves “What to do?” We have to do something about it because if not us, then who? if not now, then when?

These were the questions that popped into the mind of these Fandoms and how they answered these questions is an inspiration to both K-Pop and non-K-Pop fans and society at large. With the help of WWF India, an abbreviation of the World Wildlife Fund for nature and its conservation, here’s how these fandoms initiated change!


SEVENTEEN Boo Seungkwan’s Birthday Project


Indian CARATS @7teencaratsindiaofficial (Fanbase account of the boy group SEVENTEEN) wanted to celebrate the 23rd  birthday of Boo Seungkwan( Main Vocalist of the group) which falls on January 16th. The fans wanted to celebrate the exceptional day by adopting plants and trees in the name of the Face of the Group.

The message they wanted to convey was simple yet intriguing, here is what they shared with us about the project, “We did the project for Seventeen’s Boo Seungkwan’s birthday. We, admins, wanted to plant a tree under his name. In near future we will be facing a lot of environmental problems, we believe that one tree can also make a difference. Maybe in the coming year, we might adopt more trees under other members’ names. With the help of WWF INDIA and effort, we want to help them maintain a balance of life, as Nature is at risk due to rapid deforestation.”

Shawols Gift to SHINee


Another project to warm your heart is by Indian Shawols @shineeworld_india( The fanbase account of the boy group SHINee). Indian Shawols wanted to create a good impact on the environment and what better way to contribute to this gigantic goal than to adopt few trees under the name of your beloved artists.

In a shared dialogue about this project, the admins at @shineeworld_india added, ” December is a memorable month for us SHINee World. A wreath of deep connection with SHINee in a true idol-follower relationship. Before the year-end, we wanted to do something to respect our 5 boys and as a promise that whenever it will be we will walk this path with them together till the end.” So why trees, not something else is what we asked and they responded to the question with, “A tree symbolizes that we root for them that we will grow old with them together. We adopted these 5 trees for life and dedicated them to SHINee. We think this way we can convey our love to them”.



We hope these acts inspire more acts and that we can start a movement for nature preservation!