Indian K-Pop Fans Navigate Celebration To Charity

When it comes to charity and noble deeds you need not be rich or an associate of an NGO, you need to have a kind heart that wants to give back love to the society that it receives. India, as we all know, is home to many K-pop fanbases and these fanbases are always keen to give society the love and care they share with their beloved artists.

On the 24th of October, the K-pop Boy Band ATEEZ celebrated their 2nd Anniversary with their fans( ATINYs) across the globe. Indian ATINYs from Nagaland @ateeznagaland had donated Food, clothes, stationaries, masks, and other basic necessary goods to orphans at Hope Home Orphanage to celebrate their idols debut.


We had a conversation with @atteznagaland about the whole project and this is what they had to say, “We decided to do this project in the name of ATEEZ’s 2nd anniversary since debut. ATEEZ encouraged us to do this project as they have always been aware of campaigns and other activities. They were recently made the ambassador of Polish Man, a campaign to end violence against children. So, along with our team, we thought of doing something that can bring happiness to someone. We asked ATINYs for their opinions as well, and at last, we concluded that we would donate something to an orphanage. This is just the beginning and we would like to help more people and spread love and kindness and would also like to encourage people to join us to do the same in the future”.


Another fanbase that radiates “happiness is in sharing what we have with others” is ‘The B’ the Vitamins and energy to the boy band The BoyZ. The BoyZ debuted on 6th December 2017 under Cre.Ker Entertainment. The Group commemorated their 3rd Anniversary this year and their Indian fanbase @theboyz__india wanted to celebrate this moment by sharing happiness in the form of clothes, snacks, books, and stationery with the kids at Yuva Jyoti orphanage in Nagpur.

We had a dialogue with the team of @theboyz__india about this project and they shared with us, “The idea for this kind of project had always been in our mind but we hadn’t been able to do it for a while. And this year we wanted to do an event that is bigger than any other events we had done. We had shared this idea for starting a donation event but we had doubts if it would be really successful or not. So we tried to come up with another different idea. While doing so it was announced that THE BOYZ had been selected as the new goodwill ambassador for NGO “save the children” campaign. We started thinking that it would be really great if we did the donation project for the kids in the orphanage. It was just the right timing for us to do something like this. So we settled on this idea. Thankfully the event/project was a success. We are thankful to everyone who donated and helped us make this project a success”.

We are very happy to cover such amazing drives that give back the society the love and warmth, these drives/projects motivate us all to do better and help those in need.