The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Chennai conducts Hallyu events every year during the Korean Cultural week. The objective has always been to ultimately promote the intricacies of the Korean culture. This year, while they could not conduct offline events, the Consulate did not disappoint the avid fans!

The Consulate has put together a team of five talented young women who are elevating the K-Pop scene in India. The project, titled Dream K Pop will follow the girls as they put out weekly K-Pop choreography and singing tutorials on social media platforms- Bringing you a taste of South Korea right here from South India!  The five-week-long program begins on the 23rd of October and will introduce a new video every day of the week. Participants in the programme can even expect exciting prizes. Read on to know more!



We had an enriching conversation about the event with Rhea Rajkumar, one of the members and an active member of the Indian K-Pop scene. Rhea’s passion for K-Pop led her to establish her own K-dance crew “LDC”. The crew has had a successful winning streak at the esteemed Changwon World K-Pop Festival- Chennai Rounds in 2018 and 2019. 


Can you tell us what you aim to accomplish through your initiative over the next 5 weeks?

“Our goal is to promote K-Pop in India, make people aware of K-Pop as a music genre and dance style since a lot of the general public in India is still quite unaware of it and the reason behind its popularity. The idea behind the project is to unite as individuals whose deep passion for K-Pop has helped in achieving so many things in life and to share this passion with others. We want to highlight how being a K-Pop fan has been a wonderful experience, and there’s so much to learn and enjoy and grow along the way!”


How was the team formed?

“The five of us have been active in the K-Pop scene in Chennai. We participate in K-Pop contests and almost all K-pop events in Chennai. We’ve won and represented at the Grand Finale in Delhi as well. So that’s how The Consulate got in touch with us. We met as members of a K-Pop fanbase in Chennai called “The Kwave India” with an active WhatsApp group. All of us are a part of the Kwave and have frequently performed together.”



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✨✨The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Chennai is in boundless delight to announce that a group of five young, passionate girls, named ‘Dream K-Pop Girls’ are all set to unleash their talents and inspire the young talented hearts of the country through their self-made videos and tutorials on Social Media platform for K-Pop dancing and singing, for a period of 5 weeks as a part of Korean Cultural Week Event commencing from Friday, 23rd October 2020 introducing a new video every day of the week. ✨✨ . Look forward to it! There are exciting events coming up for all you to Participate and win prizes as well! 🙌💕 . 📷 @theblackswanphotography . #kpop #kpopinindia #kpopinchennai #kwave #kwaveindia #hallyu #bts #blackpink #itzy #korea #hangul #koreanculture #dreamkpop #dance #kpopdancecover #kpopsinger #kpopcontest #kpopdance #idol #kpopidol #explore #kcoveridst #dancetutorial #southkorea #koreanfashion #dream #girlgroup #india #inko

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Meet the Talent

From L-R: Jeson, Subiksha, Rhea,                                  Sruthi, Sindhoo
                Source: @dream__kpop

Rhea Rajkumar

Rhea is a 22-year-old medical student and has won the Chennai Round of the 2018 Changwon World K-Pop Festival, Online K-Pop Dance Competition by Consulate General Of The Republic Of Korea and 3rd prize at the Changwon World K-Pop Festival 2019-Chennai Regional Round.


“I started listening to Kpop when I was preparing for my NEET in 2017. I was off all social media to focus on studies and only had YouTube on my phone as a break from studies. A famous YouTuber ,Ryan Higa, made a video about K-Pop and got me curious. So I searched K-Pop on YouTube, the song was BTS-Dope. Since then I have been a huge fan. I was always interested in Dancing, K-Pop sort of reignited my passion for it. I started my own YouTube channel for the same, created my own Dance Crew-LDC, Participated and won in various dance competitions, met and made a lot of friends, started learning the Korean language. It has been an amazing journey till now, Being a fan of K-Pop and Korean culture has brought lots of opportunities and experiences for which I am always thankful!”

Sruthi Ram

24-year-old Sruthi is a singer and a Business Economics Postgrad. She’s won the Changwon K-Pop World Festival Chennai  2018, was the 1st Runner up of the Changwon Festival, India and won the 2nd prize in the 2019 regional round of the same.

“I got interested in K-Pop because of it’s connection to Indian classical music. The songs are really catchy and fun and most importantly, I love how music connects one without language barriers.”

Subiksha Priyal

Subiksha, a dancer, is a 1st-year Fashion Design student from the prestigious NIFT Chennai. She has won the Changwon Kpop World Festival 2020 (Online, Solo category) – Chennai Regional Round 


“I got interested in K-Pop back in 2010. The first songs I heard being Nobody by wonder girls and also Believe by UKISS. Since then I have not stopped listening to and exploring K-pop and the Korean culture!” 

Sindhoo Dhana

Sindhoo, a singer,  is a 29 year old IT professional and 2016 Changwon Kpop Chennai’s finalist. 


“I got into K-Pop accidentally and stayed because of the music and language. It became my passion. .I was impressed by the vocal techniques used by the singers and the meaningful lyrics interested me further.”

Jeson Dagam


Jeson is a native of Arunachal Pradesh but is currently a 3rd-year MBBS student studying in Chennai. A dancer, she has been the winner of both Korean food fest dance competition 2017 Korean Food fest dance competition 2018.

“I was always interested in Korean culture even before I got into kpop because of kdramas. In 2012 I watched a kpop based kdrama called Dream high 2 and since then  I am in love with it. Its been years but its various audiovisual elements have still kept me hooked up on it.”


What’s in it for the participants?

Besides getting detailed and interactive tutorials from this talent pool with many accolades to their name, enthusiastic viewers who keep up with the videos and complete the weekly cover challenges or share their videos, stand a chance to win prizes worth ₹1500 as well as Kpop Posters! Go follow them on their social media platforms linked below and do not miss out on this opportunity to learn and win!

Rhea concludes by adding,

“Overall from our side, we hope we receive the support of all K-Pop fans in this endeavour. As K-Pop fans ourselves we were grateful to get this opportunity to promote K-Pop to the best of our capabilities and we hope overall the event is a success and gets our general public more familiarised with K-pop and make them realize why we love Kpop so much!  For the fellow K-pop fans, we hope they can relate to the content we upload, find the tutorials useful, and also participate in the event with a chance to win the prizes by the Consulate.”