International Top 20 Singles Chart

The official Indian Music Industry (IMI), which is responsible for keeping a record of the music industry in India has launched a new global chart, International Top 20 Singles Chart to take into account international music that has its own dedicated listeners in India. Taking into account the streams from Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music, the data will be collected and looked over by experts from renowned labels like Universal, Sony, Warner and Times Music. That being said, BTS, the global K-Pop group has taken 3 of the positions for themselves on the chart with their recent single, ‘Butter‘ ranking at #1. The criteria for most streams will be considered from Friday to Thursday and the International Top 20 Singles Chart will be released on Monday evenings.

Like all industries, there needs to be a body or organization that takes care of the behind-the-scenes procedures. The same goes for the music industry which is not all glitz and glamour. Then there is the matter of marketing. While releasing music through Bollywood soundtracks is the easiest way to get the songs heard, there are several other kinds and styles for promoting music. This is where IMI comes in. They’re in charge of promoting, celebrating as well as making sure that everyone is given their due in the music industry. While we do have Indian charts like RadioMirchi, Saavn and Gaana, they mostly cater to Indian music. With this new chart being powered by BMAT, a global music technology company, the International Top 20 Singles Chart is our very first authentically Indian yet global initiative. It is a step towards making the world recognize the power of Indian fans and how we can majorly contribute to music streams if K-Pop is properly promoted in India.