The COVID19 crisis in our country has led to a nationwide lockdown which has rendered many jobless. Many people are finding it difficult to even have basic resources such as food, shelter, masks, and sanitizers to sustain and protect them. There are many organizations private and government based which have started accepting donations to equip the needy with necessary resources.


K-Pop fans are known to organize special birthday projects for their favorite idols and the Shawol fandom in India decided to commemorate Jonghyun’s birthday by making donations for the fight against COVID19.


The project, appropriately titled “Let’s be the light” was started by Indian Shawols as a way of honoring Jonghyun who is a source of comfort and light in times of despair for millions. Jonghyun is known to be a musician who spoke out and supported various social issues and what better way to honor him on his birthday!


The project “Let’s be the light” accepted donations of any amounts and due to the coronavirus lockdown they donated through an NGO known as UUU Foundation.

The project which started on 11th March took donations up to 3rd May and were able to collect a sum of 14,000 INR which was donated to UUU foundation. The money was used to supply materials for each family which included:

5kg of Rice
3kg of Wheat
1 kg of Thuvaram Paruppu (Gram)
1/2 Litre of Oil
Face Mask – 4 Nos
Sanitizer – 2Nos
Napkins and Tissues.


Famous Singer, Halsey once said, “Can you imagine if everyone’s fans thanked them by organizing charity in their names?” and we say yes we can and we are proud of the Indian Shawols for honoring Jonghyun in such a meaningful way while also contributing to the wellbeing of the society.

A donation is a form of a selfless act and donating in the name of a person you love unites fans and is the best way of honoring and thanking your favorite musician!


Were you also a part of this project?

What do you think about birthday projects?

In what other ways do you honor your favorite idols?

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Until then wash your hands, stay safe, and bop to your favorite K-Pop artists!