When an Indian To Moon (fandom name for Oneus) dropped her quirky reply to 1TheK’s tweet calling for an open debate between Oneus and their fans, little did she know she was in for a surprise!

Mentioning how she loved the metallic headgear on maknae Xion in their latest comeback “No Diggity“, her tweet was noticed among 7k other tweets by her favorite member Hwanwoong from Oneus.

(No diggity, the fan drank her lucky potion  today!)



On seeing the tweet, Oneus’s member Hwanwoong took this opportunity to bring out his inner humorous side with his tweet reply. His position as the jokester in the group is evident from his tweet reply :

[#환웅] He is always wearing that headgear even when he takes a nap👍


When asked about what was her reaction on seeing that her tweet got noticed, she beamingly responded:

“I sat there simply staring at his reply – questioning whether it had actually happened. Haha. It was seconds later when the euphoria hit me and by then I was screaming and jumping. 😀  “


Don’t we love to see such hilarious “debates” between idols and their fans?

For Indian K-pop fans the euphoria of getting noticed has been increasing day by day as this is not the first time Indian fans have managed to grab the attention of idols with their funny and lovely tweets…and we love to see that!