The hunt for Livon 9XO India’s Top K-Pop stars has ended finally with the selection of 5 extremely talented contestants whose names will surely be remembered forever as members of the “First Ever K-Pop Band of India”!


With the 5 very talented members on board- Nana Secii, Dhevi Hangu Pombu, Maria Mize, Nasa Ranchi Ch. Marak and Hitali Varnekar, this group is all set for its debut and has recently taken up a very special name selected by all of you, the desi K-Poppers of India 🙂


Excited to know the name decided on?

Well, we won’t keep you waiting long 😉


The name that India’s First Ever All Girl K-Pop Band has decided to be called by, as named by you is –


“5 HIGH”!


A great name for going down in K-Pop history of India, don’t you think 😉 ?


Here is a sneak peek into the newly formed group, 5 HIGH’s members and the esteemed judges that selected them:



Still left wanting more?

Not to worry, KHigh has got some good news for you!


You just have to stay tuned for an “EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW” we conducted with these beautiful, humble girls and the respected judges of the hunt for Livon 9XO India’s Top K-Pop stars!


So, are you ready to be introduced to these quirky girls?
Do you feel the excitement brewing within for their upcoming debut?
Are the desi K-Poppers ready to support our very own desi K-Pop Girl Band or not ;)?


Spill your thoughts in the comment section below!