When she belted “Love Scenario” by iKON everyone was in awe, not only was she ‘pitch perfect’ but she owned the stage like a true performer. Don’t Believe us then see how she got the SNUPER boys Fan Boy-ing.


JuchY (stage name) is an Indian girl filled with dreams to make it as a K-Pop Idol and mind you she’s determined. Her hard work and humbleness at such a young age has put us in amazement, she has so much we can all learn from.

Here’s our #Exclusive with JuchY the winner of K-Pop Contest India 2018 in the Vocal category!

KHigh: Tell us a little about youself.

JuchY: My real name is Lalngaihsangi Chhiato but I use JuchY as my stage name. I’m from Mizoram India and I’m the second youngest of three siblings.


KHigh: How was the process for K-Pop contest preparations ?

JuchY: Preparations are fun and tough at the same time. I need privacy so I only have time in the morning and evening. I sang the song at least 10 times a day and I also took great care of my health.


KHigh: Do you aspire to become a K-Pop Idol, if yes how do you plan to go down that road?

JuchY: Yes, it’s my dream to become an idol since 2013 and many have been laughing at me for it but fortunately I was able to audition last year when I went to Korea and yes it’s a great beginning as I still plan to do more.

“Instagram: @juchy113mood”

KHigh: What are you most excited about your visit to South Korea?

JuchY: I’m excited about getting into an agency the most and of course meet my friend there and finding some new friends as well.


KHigh: How does it feel to finally win 1st place?

JuchY: It feels quite unreal. Eventhough I practice very hard, the other participants are awesome so I am very honoured to be competing with them even though they deserve it more than me.


KHigh: In the end any message for Indian K-Pop fans?

JuchY: I sincerely want to thank Indian Kpopers for really welcoming me. Let’s not create fanwars, let’s help the underrated artists and set a great example for others since we are also the faces of K-Pop to others. Everyday life is a lesson and a battle so never give up.

“Everyday life is a lesson and battle, so never give up”


We don’t know who are those people that laughed at you, but here’s a few words from our side to cheer you on:

“First they laugh,

then they copy”

We urge our readers to leave words of support in the comment section. All the best JuchY, we know you’ll make us proud in Changwon and aag laga dena 😉