Love yourself in seoul film

Don’t get me wrong the title is totally justified 😉

On the date 2.02.2019 which is bound to go down in the history of Indian cinema we saw the power of ARMYs, those who don’t know exactly what am referring to: ARMY aka the most loyal fanbase on the face of this planet! We often read articles about the artist but i would like to dedicate this piece to the Indian BTS ARMY. Having closely followed the hard work that the fans put into i can vouch it’s no piece of cake to stan to promote and to empower who you love!

Burn The Stage The Movie was successful in India and to think another reease from BTS would not meet dificulties right? Wrong.

As soon as fans got wind of Love Yourself In Seoul Concert film release, let me tell what went down. Mails and tweets, comments each and every fan in India started contacting the movie mongers to make it happen again, contacting them every day to get updates. Finally news of screening by PVR was  announced fans didn’t rest. Soon there were again emails, tweets and comments going down requesting for more cities to be added.


According to PVR’s own words 26,564 fans in total attended the screening and not just in big cities:


LYINS Cities


The chapter was such a banger that a encore show was announced specially for Indian BTS ARMY scheduled on 10th Feb! Apart from that its no more news to see any BTS related hashtag trending in India, its an every day scenario. In my last article had a question for the fans but this time it’s towards BTS and BigHit:

Is BTS ready for India?


Not wasting more time, scroll down for reminiscence which will leave you smiling 🙂