15th November will go down in history of K-Pop in India and here’s why we think so!

Big Hit entertainment tweeted out confirming date and launching the official site for BTS’ BURN THE STAGE – The Movie. On visiting the website fans were required to sign up and fill a form that would help Big Hit finalise countries/cities for the movie release. Indian ARMYs got together to spread the word so that more and more Indians would sign up hoping to get a release in India too; Simulatneously, the big BTS fanbases like @bangtan_india, @BangtanINDIA & @CherryTopBTS started “Bring Burn the stage to India”  project, where they urged fans to contact big Cinema chains of India via email/feedback/suggestion forms, asking if they will be playing the movie.


As always the determination of Desi ARMY was no joke! Soon after the project, release of the movie in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, Bangalore and Pune was updated on the BURN THE STAGE movie site making us all smile wide in glee! Upon seeing the results more and more fans cropped up requesting for more city releases, which was again heard and another lineup of shows in Hyderabad, Chennai, Nagpur, Lucknow, Jorhat and one extra show in Mumbai were updated.

Burn the stage - the movie
Burn the stage – the movie

We want to now talk about our opening line discussing, why this release is going to be crucial? It is no secret that India has been longing for a BTS concert for very long, but when we talk about a concert that includes lots of folds that need to be taken in consideration. Ticket sales is one big speculation. India is still new when it comes to concert culture or parents permitting for concerts, India still shies from the practice of part time jobs for the young because which family wants to show the society that they’re not well off? Totally neglecting that part time jobs is not just meant to make ends meet! Well things are changing, people can argue upon this but it is K-Pop that brought the fan frenzy in India, fans started to actually buy music to support their artists bringing the iTunes chart revolution. Merch, albums, voting, you name it and India’s contribution was seen!

So, not going further from the topic this release is going to decide the real time statistics and sales that Big Hit has always needed. Yes, we know there’s a huge difference between the price of a movie ticket and concert ticket but it’s a start. If all the shows releasing in India go housefull, that, will send a word out there for sure. Ticket sales will start from 5th November onwards in India there hasn’t been any information on the price but we think the ticket cost won’t be normal (approx. 250) but will probably be around 700-800, which is costly for an average Indian. But we have faith in the fandom, its very plausible for all shows, in total 10 locations (more can be added) to sell out, don’t you think that accounts for something? We strongly believe this will be monitored encouraging the very possibility of India being a viable market for big K-Pop groups. Finally giving an actual proof of – Can K-Pop sell in India?

Regardless, 15th November IS going down in history, our only question to you is:

Are you ready? Is India ready for a BTS Concert?


BURN THE STAGE – The movie will release on 15th November worldwide, to stay updated visit: 

If you are looking for exact location of cinemas we have marked google maps for each city here: