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The rookie K-Pop girl group Blackswan from the label DR Music has big plans for 2022. The label is known for forming the first girl group Baby V.O.X. Blackswan was initially the second-gen girl group Rania that was known for being inclusive as they had a diverse lineup with members of all kinds of nationalities. In fact, Rania’s Alexandra was the first African K-pop idol. After rebranding as Blackswan, out of the four girls, we have members that are Brazil-Japanese, Senegalese-Belgian and Korean. The new lineup had five members, and with one leaving, they aim to fill in that spot this year with either India’s Shreya Lenka or Brazil’s Gabriella Dalcin.

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India’s Shreya Lenka Training To Debut As A K-Pop Idol In Blackswan

Out of the 4,000 participants of Blackswan’s global audition in search of a fifth member, they have shortlisted two. Indian trainee Shreya and Gabriella from Brazil are moving to South Korea where they will train for a month before the final decision is taken. Born in 2003, 18-year-old Shrey Lenka who goes by the name Sriya is a trained dancer, singer and yoga expert from Jharsuguda, Odisha. Coming from a humble family, she was initially interested in classical Odissi dance and was later trained by dancers Madan Mohan Purty and Mendo Barla.

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Shreya was already a K-Pop fan and came across the Blackswan audition on social media. She is also learning Korean as that will be a criterion that the two finalists will be judged on, apart from their skills and personality. And as Indians everywhere are rooting for her, the Odia trainee also shared that she overcame the obstacles that came with her deep voice with the help of her grandmother who took her to a Hindustani classical music teacher.

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If Shreya does get selected as the fifth member of Blackswan, she might become the third K-pop idol from India. Sid aka Siddhant Arora from Uttar Pradesh is a former member of the multi-national Z-Pop group, Z-Boys. A day after he debuted in February 2019, we had Priyanka Mazumdar from Assam debuting in the female counterpart, the girl group Z-Girls. While there is no clear-cut definition of Z-Pop, it fits the criteria of K-Pop, as their labels were Korean, made Korean songs, and promoted in South Korea. Hence, many consider Sid and Priyanka as the first Indian K-Pop idols.


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