Itaewon Class 'Start' Instrumental Performed By Indian Cover Artists

Hello! Today I’d like to bring to your notice an amazing guitar and flute cover of the song ‘start’ by Gaho from Itaewon Class that melted our ears with its melodious rendition. At a time of distress this song brings in a charming message of starting over and everything will be alright. I asked the two artists, Pooja Mohan and Medha a few questions about their cover, here’s what they had to say:

1. What inspired you to create this cover?

Our inspiration to do this cover comes from the character Park Saeroyi from Itaewon Class. We all have dreams that we want to fulfill in life but in the process of reaching there, the journey might be tough and somewhere we would want to give up. But Saeroyi taught us that no matter what happens in life, how big or small your dreams are, don’t give up. The song ‘Start’ teaches us how not to give up on our dreams and to embrace the struggle to reach it.



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2. When did you start doing these covers and how did it come about?

It was quarantine, and my friend and I were super bored. So, we decided to cover a few songs on guitar and flute. We both, being mad fans of k-pop, thought of giving it a go and started with ‘Love Shot’ by EXO. The response was amazing and it motivated us to do more.

Though COVID-19 has put distance between us, our love for music keeps us close.


3. What made you decide to do this with a guitar and flute combination, how exactly did this collaboration come about?

Instrumental k-pop covers are something unique. We often see dance and vocal covers but very few instrumental covers. We thought of doing something different from what we have. Mixing flute and guitar with k-pop being a unique idea, we tried experimenting. We did have some uncertainties wondering how it would come out, but seeing that people loved the combination, we decided to make more covers.


With all that is going on, work like this brings a sense of hope and shows us that even with a lockdown our creative juices can continue to flow!