ENHYPEN iTunes #1

ENHYPEN‘s 2nd mini-album ‘Border: Carnival’ topped iTunes album charts in a total of 26 different countries – Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Russia, Philippines, etc. while the title track “DrunkDazed” also topped iTunes’s song charts in 14 different countries across the globe (at the time of writing).

However, what made this release so special for the Indian ENGENEs was the successful display of their support for ENHYPEN by making both the album and its title track, reach the #1 spot of iTunes India!


Short Summary And Back Story

ENHYPEN’s 2nd mini-album takes it a long way with the title track ‘Drunk-Dazed’. The new album releases a total of 6 tracks, showing their arrival to the dazzling, dizzying world of fame in three distinct versions“Up”, “Hype”, and “Down” — with distinct visuals filtered through the sugary highs and crashing lows of visiting such a colorful festival.

The song ‘Intro: The Invitation’, insinuates the beginning of a new world the boys wake up in on day one. The caption mentioning ‘Dark Moon’ can be altogether the story for ENHYPEN- just like ‘The Star Seekers’ for TXT. Dark Moon refers to the last visible crescent of a waning moon, to be seen by its conjunction with the sun. This embodiment is actually visible in the title track MV, which has statues of the Greek gods- Apollo and Artemis, symbolizing the sun and the moon.

Another really eye-catchy fact is that both the gods were featured in the ‘Myth of the First Vampire’ when an Italian man who falls in love with Selene (Moon) is cursed by both Artemis and Apollo.  The myth seems relevant by the Italian lyrics in the song of the previous album ‘Intro: Walk The Line’ as well as the references to the Carnival of Venice that can be found in ‘Given-Taken’.  Given-Taken even shows boys mimicking the emotion of a bow, which can be taken as the curse of silver.


The Title Track, ‘Drunk-Dazed’

Drunk-Dazed fulfills the connectivity with the bloody carnage on a birthday eve, which is their day of transition. The emotions dive deep on the visuals and phrases like, ‘Only in blood we breathe’, ‘Too Young to Live and Too Drunk to Die’, also on the lyrics which insinuate the story of the song, ‘Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered’ by Ella Fitzgerald. Just like the man which seduced a woman, Drunk-Dazed visuals of a woman (The Dark Moon), is the temptation for the boys to escape death and in turn live their immortal life as vampires.


Amazed after hearing the back story? Can’t be more proud of the top spot charting? Tell us your theories regarding the release and spill all your excited thoughts in the comments.