Taking the music world by storm, this week saw the release of rising girl-group, ITZY’s 1st full-length album titled ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’. Within the first day of its release only, the project by ITZY with its lead single, ‘LOCO’ and 15 other tracks received immense love from their fans, Midzy’s all over and the album charted #1 on Worldwide iTunes Album Chart. It also climbed to the top of the iTunes charts in 15 countries like India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc., within 24 hours of its release!

Title track ‘LOCO’ which had debuted at #17 on Worldwide iTunes Songs Charts, has surpassed 27 Million views on Youtube by now (at the time of writing) and is the perfect track to lead the album; it is the very embodiment of this album’s motto, “out of control, crazy in love”. It is also the most viewed video in the past 24 hours on Youtube (at the time of writing).

The track brings out a new side of ITZY as the girls sing about mature and more complex feelings of being in love – the confusion, the emotional turmoil, and the irresistible attachment to the lover. Creating a beautiful contrast to these mature emotions with a brightly lit music video and uplifting instrumentation, ITZY adorns sleek and chic outfits that scream confidence and bold aggression while singing, “Such a rush, you’re making me lose my mind/ You got me like CRAY-CRAY-CRAZY in love/What you doing to me/ Can’t get off this bad roller coaster ride/ You got me like CRAY-CRAY-CRAZY in love/ I’m addicted, outta control.” Concluding the neo-fusion groove track with the elegant crowning of the members like the empowered Queens of love and of the Gen-Z youth they represent, also adds a polished and impactful end to the song, building up the anticipation for the entire project by ITZY.

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