IU Music Shows Win

IU, the “Nation’s Sweetheart”, the “idol of every idol”, has made history once again in her more-than-a-decade-long career, as she secured the title of ‘Korean Soloist with the most Music Show wins of all time’ when she bagged her 6th Win on April 18, 2021, for her latest track, ‘LILAC’.


Image Credits: MBC


Dethroning the revered artist who owned the 1990s Korean music era, Kim Gun Mo (the previous owner of this all-important acclaim) by one-upping him by gaining her 85th Win with ‘LILAC’, IU not only showed her vocal prowess and influence but also, displayed the empowering female strength by becoming the only Korean female soloist to make it to this Everest top!


Since then, IU hasn’t slowed down her pace and is reaching for even higher heights and has already furthered her winning streak by 1 more win, as ‘LILAC’ continues to dominate the charts. With this 86th win, IU has also won on SBS’s Inkigayo, LILAC’s 1st Triple Crown, and has hence has become the only artist to secure a Double Triple Crown in 2021 with her tracks, Celebrity and LILAC.


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