Jackson Wang Drops Collaborative Track 'Drive You Home' With Internet Money

Jackson Wang releases new single ‘Drive You Home’ in collaboration with Internet Money on 29th July 2021. In what seems to be a classic Hong Kong films inspired series Jackson Wang presents another musical treat for his fans. The theme of the Poster creatives match that of his previous singles like, ‘LMLY’ & ‘Pretty Please’.

The song is a cry to a lover with lyrics like “…without you, aint gonna be good for my health…” and a visualisation of what one can become when they lose their loved ones. In the Music Video the hero is shown in flashbacks and a continuum of the present. As the video progresses so does his agony. It is in the very end where the pieces fall together and the audience finds out how he lost her. The overwhelming remorse of the hero comes crashing down through the screen.

Directed, written and screenplay by Jackson Wang and Mamesjao, ‘Drive You Home’ is a cinematic treat that leaves you feeling the insufferable pain.

Jackson Wang is a whole damn movie!

Watch here: 

Update: ‘Drive You Home’ peaks at no. 1 on iTunes India!

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