Jackson wang

I can vouch for everyone when i say that, there’s not a single soul who would come across him and not be in awe!

Jackson Wang celebrated his 25th birthday on March 28th with millions of fans around the world sending their heartfelt wishes. He is one of the 7 members of the K-Pop Boy group GOT7 under JYP entertainment. He has also ventured in solo projects on variety programmes and music releasing sick tracks like PapillonOkayDawn of Us and Fendiman.


Another thing you must know is that Jackson LOVES India and I can’t have enough of it!!!

Okay, enough of the blabber and let’s dive right into the main event, the Indian aghase fanbase @got7_mission_india had the best gift for Jackson:




AND Jackson NOTICED!!!!!!




So i am officially starting my delusional countdown of him coming to India, who’s joining me?!