JAMIE Pity Party

Singer JAMIE after gaining a sound repute in K-R&B makes a quick detour to K-Pop by dropping her first single of the year, a dazzling dance track called ‘Pity Party‘. She goes global with the full English track that comes after almost four months, having released her last track, the English version of her 2020 single, ‘No Numbers‘, featuring HIGHR Music‘s JMIN; and collaborating with international artists like David Guetta, Doja Cat, and more. She transforms her sorrow of losing a lover into a chance to celebrate; proclaiming that after coming down, going up is the only way out.


JAMIE – Pity Party

JAMIE extends a dark, deep invitation to her ‘Pity Party’ that she throws for herself after breaking up with a lover. Unlike her chill, laidback releases before, she brings out a groovy nu-disco tempo and energy for this track. Belting her rich vocals in a resonant chorus and soft tones in verses, she shows off her multifaceted artistry over synthesizing instrumentals. The dim, trippy vintage music video also features a sleek choreography where she breaks out of her comfort zone. While she uses her heartbreak as a reason to dance, she also addresses the shade from her haters, stating how she thrives off the attention. Overall the song is a shimmering girl jam that you can’t help but dance to!


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