JAY B Love Def. Review

Lim Jae Beom is a multi-faceted artist known by many titles and names – GOT7’s leader, H1GHR MUSIC‘s JAY B, and Offshore Crew’s Def Soul. Now, assuming a new moniker ‘Def.’, the R&B singer-songwriter JAY B has released his 1st official EP as Def., called ‘Love’ which follows in the footsteps of his previous romanticized releases on Soundcloud as well as officially as H1GHR MUSIC member.


The 6-tracked EP which immediately grabbed the #1 spot on iTunes in 45+ countries upon release, embodies the perfect blend of alternative, R&B, and indie genre, utilized to the fullest to convey all that the most powerful emotion on earth – Love, has to offer. EP ‘Love’ is a gem amongst gems for alt-R&B music enthusiasts and all who wish to get a taste of honeyed aberrant music!


Review of JAY B (Def.) – Love :


The EP starts off with a collaborative piece with the upcoming rapper LEON. The intro titled ‘AGAIN’ invites the listeners to the romantic “Def. World” with its chill-but-warm vocals as they hear JAY B crooning longingly of returning to his lost love. Pitched alongside this soft nostalgia, is LEON‘s up-tempo rap verse that rings with charged emotions, showcasing excellently the two emotions of subdued regret and vexation at feeling so. The sentimental ambiance that the listeners find themselves in through this, readies them for the rest of the EP’s sonics.



Moving on from the muted and delicate vocals of ‘AGAIN’, this next song sees JAY B employing a more-grounded yet dulcet vocal tone, as he questions his love interest of her uncertain and clouded attachment to him. ‘WHY?’ also summons forth an atmospheric soundscape that covers the listeners in a blanket of light, woozy emotions. The infusion of the melodic electric guitar strumming post-chorus can be labeled as the highlight of the listening experience, as it adds a flavorful tinge of exoticism to ‘WHY?’.



A beautiful commingling of resonating bass beats and mellifluent acoustics, ‘I Just Wanna Know’ is a lyrical nudge to the lover to answer his ‘WHY?’. The weaving together of the lyrics around the idea of this curious urge to know, is simplistic yet very evocative, as each and every line seems to bring associative images to the front of the listeners’ minds. What is also charming about this song is that despite asking a question that might educe a frosty answer, the mood of the song is enlivened with jazzy vividness!



Taking forward the buoyant mood set in the previous song, ‘Like A Fool’ turns the wheel of time back to the budding stage of love where everything seems colorful – every fuzzy emotion heightened. The pairing of JAY B and JUNNY (this being their 3rd song together), also works to elevate the qualitative experience of the track as JAY B’s wispy-soft and honeyed vocals go hand-in-hand with JUNNY’s rich vocals. The song also has the trait of being universally relatable, making many listeners attune to the ebullient emotions of being hopelessly in love!



Gone is earlier wintry longing for a lost love, what is felt through ‘Want U’ is the pleasant sunshine of Spring – the season of blooming love! Expressive and evocative as always, JAY B’s penned lyrics are brought to life by his smooth vocals. What is even more delightful to see is the trade of the breathy vocals that he is usually known for, for more full-bodied vocals that grace the listeners during the chorus. It gives the feeling of watching JAY B singing to his heart’s content – a heartwarming vision for appreciative fans of the artist for sure!



The outro track, ‘Sunset With You’ ties together the sentiments that JAY B sings of, into one single integrated whole titled ‘Love’. The muted lo-fi instrumentation that is speckled with vibrant electric-guitar strummings is mirrored in the accompanying music video that seems bluesy yet soothing. JAY B also chooses to sing in a higher register, adeptly matching the disposition of the song’s soundscape. This portrayal of delicate sentimentality of poignant love in ‘Sunset With You’ hence offers the perfect closure to ‘Love’ by Def. (JAY B) – an album overflowing with melodious notes, poetic endearment, and soul-stirring memories.


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