JAY B Switch It Up

Jay B joined Jay Park’s H1GHR MUSIC last week. “SWITCH IT UP” is JAY B’s first single with H1HGR MUSIC and it instantly took the glory by sitting at the #1 in India with other 40+ countries like Colombia, France, Indonesia, Turkey, and many more (at the time of writing).

JAY B Tops iTunes India With The Latest Single 'SWITCH IT UP'



SWITCH IT UP was released through all streaming platforms on 14th May at 6 P.M. KST, and it was an immediate hit amongst the fans with over 1.2M+ views in just 21 hours. This song was produced by the infamous H1GHR Music producer Cha Cha Malone along with Jay B and Jay Park. Along with Jay B and Jay Park, Sokodomo has also contributed to writing the lyrics and he also featured on the track.

Watch JAY B – ‘Switch It Up (Official Live Clip)’ here:

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JAY B is widely known for his heavenly vocals, matched with the R&B/ Soul beats. He served the same taste with much more added sweetness, which mixed with the sensual lyrics made the song pleasing to our ears.

I would definitely recommend the song to all the fans like me who CAN’T help but jam to R&B!


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