Jay Park and YLN Foreign's track, 'DNA' Gets A Hot Remix

DNA, the track that blew everyone away in Highschool Rapper 4 with its saucy intensity and icy beat production just got remixed into an even bold banger!

The original duo from the contestants, YLN Foreign and OG, (mentor) Jay Park is joined by H1ghr Music rapper pH-1, SMTM9 Winner lIlBOI, Ourealgoat, 365LIT, Female Rapper Young Ji Lee on this track titled, ‘DNA REMIX’. Other HSR4 contestants, P Nation’s D. ARK, Choo and OSUN are also part of the stellar lineup. The track is produced jointly by hitmakers, WOOGIE and Cha Cha Malone.



‘DNA’ Remix

DNA was originally a track that mostly focused on showing the theme, “The duo’s coolness comes from their DNA”. The remix however gives it a deeper meaning by voicing the pride of carrying the “Korean DNA” and honoring of the roots that the rappers came from. DNA REMIX hence can be applauded for being not just a remix of the original musicalities, but also brings to the table varying artistry, deeper dimensions and elite lyricism.

Are you already a fan of the original track? Did you like the DNA Remix? Spill your thoughts in the comments.