Coming up after the major news of Jay Park stepping down as AOMG & H1GHR MUSIC’s CEO, and founding a new entertainment agency called “More Vision”, the single ‘GANADARA’ by the artist has every Korean music enthusiast eagerly waiting for its release! The song which will mark the 1st release of the label More Vision, will be the kickoff testimony of Jay Park’s new mission – “I want to create something that will be loved by the world even more than before.”

Seeing as how the “Nation’s Sweetheart”, Lee Ji Eun (stage named IU) is also lending her musical abilities to the song, makes this statement even more believable – all that’s left is for the listeners to wait for the new quintessential!


Jay Park (ft. IU) – ‘GANADARA’

“Smile for me to ease the mood/ Let me take you on a magic carpet ride, uh, yeah”

Inviting the listeners in with a euphonic guitar melody before Producer Woogie‘s signature “Woogie On & On” sounds, heightening the anticipation even more, ‘GANADARA’ is a sure hit right from the start! Intertwined with a comic plotline of how the collaboration between Jay Park and IU played out, the feel-good song shines bright with its simplicity and mellifluent tones.

Taking the theme of impressing a lover despite being non-fluent in Korean (symbolized by the reiteration of ‘GA NA DA RA’ – the starting of the Korean alphabet), Jay Park and IU weave a conversational style flow together. Jay’s mellow vocals, “Baby, my minds really drawing a blank (a blank)/ But, I’m confident in body language” are answered assuringly by IU’s honeyed ones, “I’m okay with body language too/ But if you blank out, just smile/ I’ll teach you everything tonight.” As if this dialogue-play between the 2 dulcet singers isn’t enough, the listeners also get to see a youthful B-boy dancer expressing his cute awkwardness and devoted await for IU to turn up on the set in answer to his call. The sweet and subtle chemistry between the 2, enhances the pleasant mood set by the song even more! It truly is “More Love, More Laughter, MORE VISION”!


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