Same-sex marriages are still illegal in South Korea. There are no defined laws in place which ensure the safety and security of the LGBTQIA+ population in the country. In a society where achieving predefined perfection is the purpose of your existence, being ‘different’, being queer is synonymous with being alien.

Also known for being a culture where the youth is largely influenced by the country’s pop culture, it somewhere becomes a reformatory responsibility for idols to promote progressive attitudes and acceptance.

And Jessi is largely shouldering this responsibility, bringing revolutionary reform, one appearance after another.

In the latest episode of Jessi’s sit down interview show- “Showterview”, Korea’s first prominent openly gay television personality Hong Seok Cheon was the guest for the day. Jessi, famous for her playful personality, made him comfortable in no time and they soon engaged in important conversations budding awareness on topics like coming out, denial, marriage, adoption, moral dilemma, etc.

The full clip-

During one such conversation where Hong Seok Cheon was recalling his heartbreaking past where he was mistreated, Jessi broke into a frustrated and angry outburst. Rising up from her seat, she roared,

“If I would have known him back then, I would have rooted for him. F***k you! Who do you guys think you are.”

Taking a seat, she continued,

“Oppa I have lots of friends who are gay, lesbians and even some of my fans are gay. I support them no matter what. It would have been much heartbreaking back in the day. I would fight for him(Hong Seok Cheon).”

 A small and one might even say comical action, it spoke volumes of solidarity and tolerance. While this is just a start, we need more senior artists like Jessi to begin conversations and show accord. 

“Lots of gender minorities are in the closet, and I feel sorry. Yet the world we’re living in is facing lots of challenges.”- Jessi

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