Jonghyun's Birthday Donation

Kim Jong-hyun, the late member of the group SHINee is popular for his fondness towards animals and nature. SHINeeWorld_India had hence sketched a meaningful donation drive to celebrate Jonghyun’s birthday that falls on 8th April.


The donation drive was directed to PETA India for the safety and care of the animals. This drive was close to the hearts of Indian Shawols as it is to Jonghyun. This drive received support from other Indian fan bases as well, depicting the love and care at the core for nature irrespective of fandom labels.

In our conversation with the SHINeeWorld_India, they elaborated, “The project was proposed by one of the fellow Indian Shawols. This project was meaningful and mostly necessary in this day and age for animals, thus we wanted to execute it with PETA India. The donation pool was as special as Jong-hyun, the amount accumulated to 4080 which is his birth date (08/04).”

They further added, “Jong-hyun loved animals a lot, and as his followers, we wanted to do something which is very close to him and this project is just the beginning of the path he showed us. We would love to do more meaningful projects in the future.”


Isn’t this action of the Indian SHINee fanbase really heartwarming? Spill your thoughts in the comments.