Hello, Our team has come to an agreement that we adopt a Spotted Deer under Joshua Hong’s name from Mysuru Zoo, India.

If you are willing to be a part of it check the google form

We will open this form from 15th November 2020 – 24th December 2020

We will keep everything transparent, about all the amounts collected and where is the money going. Everything will be updated to everyone via email.
The money that we raise will go under the maintenance of the animal that we adopt like contributing towards their food, and health for a year. We need your support to raise Rs. 7,500/-
We will receive an official certification of adoption under Joshua’s name.
If we continue to keep the deer under Joshua’s name, We need to donate every year. You can join our core members. And if it’s 50 carats (minimum) we need only Rs. 150/- per year per person. And if we get 100 carats then it’s only Rs. 75/- per person per year. All the other information you can find it in the form.