JOY Hello

JOY’s special album met with a smashing success on its release, charting in the top 5 of the US iTunes. The song Hello even recorded the #1 spot on the Bugs & Genie Charts. JOY currently has two songs charting on Melon, Hello peaks at #83, and Je t’aime charts at #99 (at the time of writing). What’s more, the title track Hello peaks #1 on iTunes for 26 countries including India and is definitely climbing to the top for other regions soon. Indian ReVeluvs have surely worked hard to support their favorite idol’s special release!

Joy Hello iTunes

Even K-Pop Idols couldn’t keep away from praising the album; Taeyeon posted an Instagram story while Yeri also took to her social media while choosing her favorite track from the album.


About Title Track, Hello

JOY’s ecstatic voice changes the atmosphere to a blissful summer day with Hello. The song is light-hearted playful and fosters the feeling of vacation days when you can chill in the countryside. JOY’s electrifying poise in the MV is one reason that Red Velvet is always a prodigy to Korea. Each member has its own intrinsic exquisiteness, seeing JOY live up to it as a soloist is no surprise. What marks a truly remarkable experience while watching the MV is the effortless slipping into the concept & music as the track goes on. It feels as if the song ended right when you started enjoying the lyricism.

We all can agree on one thing that JOY’s voice was being missed for a long time and now that it leaves people awestruck we can conclude one fact straight- her exceptional potential as a soloist.

Did you listen to the album already? What’s your favorite track from the album? Let us know in the comments.